“Say Cheese”

10 04 2009

I got to thinking about the number of really bad photos on match.com and with input (ok plagiarism) from @simonegrant (http://www.sex-lies-dating.com/3018000) I have come up with some advice for those hopefuls out there.

1) Smile! It sounds simple but the number of cross or bored looking guys is incredible.

2) Don’t have so many group photos that we have to spend an age working out which one you are

3) One picture of your dog is almost acceptable but not when there are more of your dog or parrot!) than there are of you! We want to date you not your dog.

4) Try not to look like a criminal, any decent friend would be able to check this for you (ok – you don’t have any friends – it all makes sense now!!)

5) This may seem contradictory but professional photos are almost as bad

6) Try to avoid pictures of you and other women – yes she maybe your sister or your best friend but we are always going to assume it is an ex and therefore be put off and presume that you are not over her.

7) A range of photos is good, on holiday, night out, dressed up smart (a tux is always good gentleman!) but also leave something to the imagination, 25 photos of you and no matter how hot you are we are going to get bored!

So no excuses guys, now you know what to do. Next week’s advice may be usernames – the majority of these are fine to be honest but some – OMG “frictionmaker” why?? I don’t think it is necessary to add that his photo was of him in the gym with his top off. And why oh why did one of my friends date him????

On a more personal note- having no luck with match this week, have put out a ton of winks and yes’s to daily insight matches and zip, zero, nada, not a whiff of interest back. Oh well – off to the bars and clubs of the big city – maybe they are all waiting for me there!




One response

17 04 2009
Jan @ Struck by Serendipity

Hi – I just found your blog thorugh Sex, Lies, & Dating.

I love the story about getting pulled over on your first date. Heading to read more archives now…

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